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“Success doesn’t just land on your lap. You have to work, work, work, and work some more.” -Sean Combs

Starting a non-profit or business can be time-consuming, self-doubting, and essentially the hardest thing you could ever do. However, once you sit back and think about the reason you pursued your dream, it all becomes rewarding again. The beginning stages of a non-profit or business can be extremely confusing which is why we decided to share our experience with other women who are in a similar situation.  


Whether it’s by reading, using Google, or a mentor doing the proper research before launching a business or non-profit can help one prepare for success. Learn as much as you can about your target market, your role (if you are in business with other people), and marketing strategies. Researching is the part that most people try to skip because they are solely relying on passion, but it is probably the most important. Now you will still learn from experience but some wheels have already been invented, so why not utilize them?


Waiting at least year before you incorporate your business or non-profit is very important. At the beginning, everyone is so excited and believes in the vision of the business or organization. However, as time progresses people and ideas change. Giving your organization time to develop helps to solidify some of the ideas that weren’t so clear. It took us almost four months to completely understand what we wanted to stand for, and how we wanted to implement our mission. Registering your organization with the state before you have a clear idea on how it should operate could lead to turmoil within your business or non-profit.


First impressions are everything. When someone goes to your website or social media page they should be able to feel like your brand is not only professional but meaningful. The branding of your organization is probably going to be the most expensive, but it is extremely worth it. Try to be creative as possible when it comes to your brand, especially if you are in a saturated industry. Some of you may be wondering what is included in your brand identity? Every brand identity package is different and it is determined by what you as the owner or creator wants. However, the standard packages usually include the following: website, logo, brand guidelines, social media banner, and typefaces. Invest in your brand…invest in yourself.


Starting a non-profit or business always starts off with passion and dedication, but it is so easy for us to lose our way if we don’t remember our “WHY”. Remembering your organization’s purpose helps to lift you up when you start to question yourself or experience failure. Your “why” should be bigger than the people within your organization or business; meaning you would want your vision implemented regardless if you are the CEO or not. Your purpose should inspire you so much that you don’t need to have the spotlight in order to implement your vision.


overcomeHER wants to change the culture where women innately compete instead of collaborating with one another. Working with other businesses or organizations not only helps to expand your brand but it also helps to build a community. Trying to do everything on your own can lead to exhaustion and limitations.

We are now at the end of the list but I swear it could go on. As your business or organization grows just remember to enjoy the ride. Cherish those moments when you learn something new and always reflect on each accomplishment. Prepare for success, and learn from your failures, but most importantly be a servant leader.

Monthly Boost Yourself Challenge

Consider or implement at least one of the items on our list and share with us your experience! Leave a comment below and feel free to add some of your experiences to our list

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  • Google Drive (Organize your company’s documents and excel sheets)
  • Google Analytics (tracks your website traffic for free)


  • MyTaughtYou by Myleik, Creator of Curl Box
  • Womenpreneur: Strategies for Success with Smita Singh

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