The overcomeHER   Woman


She is a daughter, sister, wife, and mother who exemplifies courage and perseverance.  

Her success is well deserved as she has worked hard to fight for her dreams.  Throughout her journey, she has been able to knock down walls and clear a path for those to follow: this she did not do alone.  

With the help of those who support her, she has been able to reach her true potential and shines her light on the world.


Who is overcomeHER   ?


overcomeHER is designed to be a platform for women to connect. Our core mission is to create great events and initiatives that will cultivate a community of women who collectively stand together, to change the world.

Our authentic events and initiatives creates organic relationships, that promotes vulnerability and productivity amongst women.  

We deal with all aspects of the millennial woman. Our events and initiatives are not meant to be a one-time stop, but a place to feel at home in which our members can truly grow and develop personally, professionally, and spiritually.

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Why Pledge?

Imagine a world where women no longer see their sister’s success as their personal failure. The gossip that tears down women who have truly worked hard for their position is now a symphony of genuine praises.

The “she thinks she’s all that” with rolling eyes as a woman walks into a room is now greeted with a “wow you exude so much confidence”! Women are no longer seeing each other as competition but collaborators.

This world can exist, and will exist but we need you to help us make this a reality.

Stand with us and make a pledge to be the woman that supports her fellow sister, that will use her story to help another woman find light in her situation, and that will never allow herself to be defeated by her circumstances because she is an #overcomeHER!

The #overcomeHER Campaign?


The #overcomeHER campaign was launched to encourage women from all around the world to share their story of how they have overcome something in their lives.

overcomeHER is dismantling the ideology that women are only competitors to promote the culture of collaboration. Our goal is to encourage women to step out of the shell of comfortability and clothe themselves with the strength of their testimony.

Through each shared testimony, we hope to empower and encourage other women to find their voice and their path; thus creating a community of unstoppable strong women who will collectively change the world.

Get Involved!!


As we introduce ourselves to the world, we would love to have you partner with us to accomplish our mission!

We encourage you to embrace your fearlessness and post your testimony of how you have overcome something in your life.

Through sharing your story on Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook, you have the opportunity to shed light for other women in similar situations.

We hope through the release of your words, you will also gain an inner strength and contribute to a culture of #overcomeHERs’!



#overcomeHER Campaign


Step 1: Brainstorm your testimony

Step 2: Wear a white shirt

Step 3: Apply red lipstick

Step 4: Write #overcomeHER on your forearm

Step 5: Take a picture

Step 6: Post!

How to get started

Here it is ladies, the final step! Once you have completed the first five steps you are now ready to post to social media!

Your picture is going to be what you are posting, and the caption will be your amazing testimony! In the caption it is important to write #overcomeHER and tag @overcomeHER ‘s social media page in order for the campaign to work!

By adding that to your caption, it will make it easier for other overcomeHER ‘s to find your testimony!  We encourage you to comment and like other campaign photos posted by all of our #overcomeHER ‘s!

We hope you enjoy this experience just as much as we have.  We can’t wait to read your stories!

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It was a huge push out of my comfort zone to leave familiarity, friends, and family to move to a city with no connections, but I am so glad I took that leap of faith. I can truly say that this past year has built my faith stronger than I ever imagined and has produced a new kind of courage in me.

I told myself that I would do anything possible to make sure that I didn’t struggle financially the way that she did. It’s also what fuels the passion behind my business and helping others. I believe that everyone has their own “way out” and has the ability to mold their future in their eyes.

I learned that by overcoming my fear of vulnerability, it actually unlocked my power. To make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength. Despite our best efforts, the boundaries that we build around our hearts to protect us from feeling pain, discomfort, and hurt are the very chains that keep us tethered to it…

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