Are you happy with the place you are in life?” Was the question that weighed heavy on the hearts of four young women while they were approaching their final months in college.

“What do I do next?” was like a broken record constantly replaying as they tried to map out their lives. Once they graduated and joined the workforce they realized how the working world and life itself can quickly derail a person from following their goals or passion.

Something had to change so they decided to form a power group. Through the power group they immediately began to see how having accountability partners, clear goals, and a spiritual connection with God would come to change their lives. With the commitment to help other women see each other as supporters and uplifters, overcomeHER was created.


What We Believe


Mission: “A band of women empowering other women to collectively change the world.”

We believe that a woman can be compared to a tree.  It cannot produce fruit or develop its branches if it is not surrounded by good soil and watered properly.   It takes time, love and nurturing for that tree to grow properly.

Through overcomeHER we are creating a garden of amazing women who will one day branch together to collectively change the world.



Only We Can


– Provide a consistent development of your professional, spiritual, and personal life through our conferences

–  Create individualized workshops that meet each of our members needs instead of a one-size-fit-all blanket approach.

–  Have authentic networking experiences where our members and new attendees feel comfortable to learn and grow from each other.


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